HAA design world class, award-winning creative and successful buildings and spaces. We design strikingly beautiful and highly sustainable buildings which relate positively with their surrounding context. Our buildings tend to combine spatial richness with an economy of means, and intelligent use of technical innovation, in order to deliver value for money. We like to work from the earliest opportunity right through to post-occupancy, and enjoy the process of building. 
We work extensively with planning authorities to build robust place-making and design quality into their planning strategy. With over 20 years of experience with working with local authorities we have an established audience and proven track record. We regularly prepare supplementary planning documents, opportunity area frameworks, and other formal documents, as well as working with planning teams to give informal advice, and masterplanning to inform decision making. 
Concept Design
HAA are spatially entrepreneurial - some of our most creative work has involved identifying and proposing projects, establishing what could happen in a particular place. We like to work with our clients from the very beginning; helping to establish a brief - and providing the project narrative, information for financial appraisals, and other pragmatic material. 
Urban Design & Masterplanning
HAA are working on regional and local regeneration and masterplanning locations in the UK, from Marlow's largest Sports Pavilion to the regeneration of local villages such as Frieth. 
We would like to think we have the best possible interests to help shape the future of Buckinghamshire and beyond. 
We are of course committed to the politics & technics of sustainable design - and are determined that environmental sustainability should be fully integrated within all our projects, but not necessarily as the dominant agenda. We engage with environmental sustainability from the inception of a project, an approach based on the belief in the value of innovative and strategic - rather that bolt-on - technological measures. We prefer to find quiet but effective design strategies.
HAA strive to be visionary, innovative and persuasive, in all our projects we commit to a successful outcome beyond the role of a designer: leading the design team, raising profile, and clearly articulating the objectives of the project. We are effective at consultation, and in establishing aligned support and ownership for a project from complex client and take holder groups. 
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